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IT Security analyst


  • Maintenance and monitoring of systems such as SIEM, PAM, IAM, VPNs, EDR / XDR, AV, DLP, Mail / Web Gateway on the Group level

  • Resolving IT security issues including all security incidents within the Group

  • Actively works on the revision of implemented security measures / policies throughout the Group

  • Monitoring security measures within the IT infrastructure, ensuring adequate data and computer network security for all members of the Group

  • Informing about the latest safety standards and practices

  • Conducting security audits to improve the Group's level of security maturity

  • Other tasks: preparation of reports, communication with different participants in the processes, support to different project teams and other tasks at the request of the immediate superior

Conditions for job

  • Faculty or college of IT or similar specialization

  • Experience of at least 1 year in IT security jobs

  • Knowledge of English and knowledge of information technology in the field of system administration

Special knowledge desirable for job

  • Computer skills, knowledge of information technology in the field of system administration

  • Good knowledge of computer networks and Windows operating system, VPN, DLP, EDR / XDR, Mail / Web-Proxy, AV, PAM, IAM

  • Good knowledge of processes and tools for network monitoring (SIEM)

  • Experience in data center operation and management of security tools, as well as optional experience with cloud security solutions

  • It is desirable to have the following certificates: ISO, Security+, Cloud+, MCSE or equivalent

If you are interested in the specified position and conditions, please send your CV to

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